“Mallow” Ethno-Brooch


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Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailBeautiful flower Mallow – one of the symbols of Ukraine. For centuries its image  decorated  traditional Ukrainian towels (rushnyk) and shirts (vyshivanka). Mallow symbolizes  the love for our native land.

Textile brooch. Enchanting handmade mini-embroidery on the homespun cloth, framed with wood. Diameter: 5 cm, metal clasp.

Hand-made in Ukraine

By buying these one of a kind hand-made gifts, you support Ukraine in the following major ways:

(1) 100% of profit goes to support several social projects:

– Psychological Rehabilitation and Abilitation for Ukrainian victims of war-induced psychological trauma, veterans as well as civilians (100%).


(2) Fair Trade: You support local Ukrainian artists and artisans.

We pay more than “fair price” to the producers of the unique handcrafted masterpieces. This allows local struggling artisans to focus on what they love to do and make a good living.




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